B&Y Podcast – Episode #22 – Fantasy Semi-Finals

B&Y Podcast – Episode #22 – Fantasy Semi-Finals

EPISODE #22 – FANTASY SEMI-FINALS (19Dec2017) – The fantasy playoffs bring out the worst in all of us, and some true chicanery is afoot in the Just Us League postseason.  After the unexpected availability of Kareem Hunt and Devonta Freeman, BOTH go off for 25+ point weeks in fantasy victories, propelling their team to the championship.  The runners-up are pissed and Yellow (who let them go) is our main scapegoat.  Listen to him explain himself as Black tries hard not to let his rage burn up all of the oxygen in our atmosphere.

One thought on “B&Y Podcast – Episode #22 – Fantasy Semi-Finals

  1. Love the delivery by Alex in this episode, it was almost as if I was feeling the exact same level of apoplectic rage. Excellent podcasting.


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